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Christmas Film Favourites for the Family

PersonalPosted by Foley Western Sat, December 21, 2013 16:25:21

It’s the weekend before Christmas and the TV is full of Christmassy things to watch, especially when it comes to films. Do you have a family tradition that you follow each year? Or do you just take pot luck when the family decide to sit down together and watch a Christmas film? There are tons of films with a Christmas theme loved and watched by many, and below is two of the favourites and if you haven’t seen one, or all of them, you could always add them to your list of films to watch over the festive period.

First up is Home Alone, which, since its release in 1990 has been a firm favourite with families and not just at Christmas. We see eight year old Kevin McCallister being left home alone when his family sleep-in on the morning of their trip to Paris, France and in the hurry miscount heads. On the prowl are two wannabe burglars who target the McCallisters but don’t expect to come up against Kevin. Very funny scenes from start to finish and of course, there is a happy ending too.

If you loved Home Alone, you can follow Kevin again over Christmas in Home Alone 2, with him at least getting to the airport and on a plane, but instead of Hawaii with his family, he ends up in New York City. The two wannabe burglars turn up again and of course, are outwitted by the quick thinking Kevin. Just as funny as the first one and you will be guaranteed to feel warm and fuzzy near the end of the film.

Jack Frost is another favourite, but might just bring a tear to your eyes. Michael Keaton plays Jack Frost, lead singer of the band ‘The Jack Frost Band’ who keeps letting his family down. On realising his mistakes he heads home from an important gig but heads into a bad storm and dies instantly when his car crashes. A year after his death, Jack’s young son Charlie makes a snowman that looks like his father, or as much as he can remember of his and plays the ‘magical’ harmonica Jack gave him. The snowman comes alive with Jack’s spirit and the film sees both father and son spending time together and Jack teaching his young son some of the values of life he hadn’t managed to whilst alive. A lovely film.


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