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New Year's Resolutions

Guiding ThoughtsPosted by Foley Western Fri, January 03, 2014 18:14:34

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014!

Wow didn’t 2013 go fast and who can believe 2014 is already here, and how many of you have made New Year’s resolutions? We all do it, but only a handful will keep it going throughout the year and into 2015. So did yours involve food or exercise or both? The most popular resolutions that feature year after year include:

1. Losing those extra few pounds you seemed to have carried over the year and added to over the festive period. Visions of a toned body fill your every thought. Followed by a bowl of crisps or a really unhealthy portion of chocolate cake.

2. You seemed to have doubled your alcohol intake in the last six months and with the festive period only just over, it has reached a level you really don’t want to be at. New Year’s Eve rolls into New Year’s Day and you promise to give up drinking for the rest of the year. When the weekend arrives your promise becomes only drink at the weekends.

3. Another resolution that is at the top of some people’s list is give up smoking and it has become a lot easier to do with the help of nicotine patches and fake cigarettes. Even doctors’ surgeries are more encouraging and often run a no smoking clinic to help you keep your resolution in check. This is also one of the hardest ones to achieve.

4. For all those who tend to put work before everything else, a New Year can signal a change in your priorities and time spent with your family and friends a more regular occurrence. How many of you turn down a chance to spend the day with your siblings or decline a friend’s kind offer of dinner?

5. This resolution is also for all you that spend your life at work and forget there are other ways to enjoy your weekend. Work is important and sometimes it needs your full commitment but don’t make it a habit, get out there and start enjoying life. Even if you start small, like spending an extra hour in bed, or keeping Sunday evenings work free.

6. Do you feel as if you don’t do your share of helping others? Some people use the start of a New Year to change that, even if it is popping into your elderly neighbour for a cup of tea once a week. You might not think that is helping but I bet you they are glad of the company. If you really want to take helping others seriously there are loads of volunteering opportunities you can consider.

7. What happens if you don’t smoke/drink/work to much/need to lose weight/already volunteer? How about learning something new and this can be anything from a learning a new language, to learning how to paint or take pictures or maybe learning to drive or swim. There are so many new things you can learn, so why not push the boat out and make 2014 the year you learn two new things.

8. This is for all the unorganised. You know who you are? You’re always late, you always leave that important document at work when it needs to be at home, or at home when it needs to be at work. You’re forever misplacing your phone, your keys, your diary. Why not just tackle just one thing and get that one right before trying to get totally organised. Being punctual goes a long way.

9. So you over indulged over Christmas and then hit the Boxing Day sales. You pray the postman passes your door every day and doesn't deliver the evidence that your spending went a little out of control. Don’t worry you’re not alone and it can be fixed. How about you sit down and take a long hard look at your finances and set yourself a target of sorting out one thing at a time. See if you can make any sensible cutbacks, like buying less goodies or walking instead of driving, that’s if you don’t live in the middle of nowhere. The extra money you save why not put in a jar and see what a difference it makes.

10. Another popular resolution is the exercise one and can range from going for a walk to attempting a charity race. This one normally goes hand in hand with losing weight and can be as much fun as you make it. If walking isn't your thing, how about swimming, tennis, aerobics, and even golf and why not get your family and friends involved to keep you motivated.

Whichever resolution you have made – good luck and keep at it!

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