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12 Years A Slave

PersonalPosted by Foley Western Tue, January 21, 2014 19:38:08

It seems that one particular British director is not only making headlines but waves in the film industry for his latest film - 12 Years a Slave.

Based on the nineteenth century memoirs of Solomon Northup and adapted by screenwriter John Ridley, the film follows Solomon’s as he goes from being a well-educated family man from New York State to being sold into slavery in the south due to his colour. This type of kidnapping was rife in these times. The film is not an easy watch for even the hardest of souls and if you only decide to watch just one film this year, make it this one. An important story told from first-hand experience dating back centuries. Told with passion, conviction and grace.

Steve McQueen is no ordinary film director, and 2014 looks like it will be the year he makes his mark in the film industry and add to his growing collection of accolades. Awarded the Turner Prize for his artwork, one of the highest awards given to a British visual artist and also appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire for services to the visual arts, McQueen is regarded as one of the best.

Now it looks like his latest big screen drama production may just allow him to get his hands on the much sought after Oscar, an award most actors, directors, producers would give their last dollar to have amongst their achievements.

So far 12 Years a Slave has won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, Drama and a Critics Choice Award for Best Picture, with Lupita Nyong’o also winning Best Supporting Actress and John Ridley for Best Adapted Screen Play.

It has also notched up 10 BAFTA nominations and 9 Oscar nominations many in the same categories. This film and everyone associated with it will surely be keeping their fingers crossed that the awards keep coming their way.

As for the talented, unassuming British Director, Steve McQueen has certainly cemented a fruitful future amongst the greats of Hollywood and beyond and it has only taken one great film for the world to remember his name. A name they surely won’t forget and one that will hopefully be amongst the nominations once again.

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