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National Storytelling Week

ChildrenPosted by Foley Western Sat, February 01, 2014 11:54:30

It is said storytelling began a very long time ago when man collected words and spoke to lift life through fables, tales and stories, often accompanied by hand movements and facial gestures. Nowadays storytelling is a huge part of life that starts as early as the infant years and continue through life until the last years of life. Storytelling is not just for entertainment, it can help aid bereavement and therapy, support learning difficulty and special needs groups, to even improving communication in the business world. The act of sharing stories between storyteller and listener feeds the imagination and is continued to be passed from one generation to another.

Today sees the start of the 14th annual National Storytelling Week which is run by The Society of Storytelling. It begins today Saturday 1st February and last until the following Saturday 8th February. The aim of the National Storytelling Week is to spread the ‘word’ and promote ‘the oldest art form in the world’ – storytelling. You might have seen posters in your local library or art gallery with details of how they are celebrating National Storytelling Week, or if you have young children their school may have decided to include National Storytelling Week in their school week.

You can find out where and when events in your area are taking place on The Society of Storytelling website where there are lots of information and resources for everyone to use.

Why not have your own storytelling event and help spread the word. All you need is your imagination and a willing audience and it doesn’t matter if it is 1 person or 100 people, keep the joy of storytelling alive and pass the ‘word’ on.

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