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Guiding ThoughtsPosted by Foley Western Wed, April 22, 2015 12:44:59

When Life Takes You by Surprise

Sometimes in life you think you have everything planned, you make a list, or organise an event or even arrange a date in your diary, and out of the blue an unexpected change happens and throws everything into disarray.

So how do you deal with the unexpected? Life is never about one straight forward pathway. We all tweet and twitter and Facebook our plans, that half the time the whole world knows more about what we have planned than we do ourselves. Plans for days off, holidays, or weekend activities, where we are going, who we are seeing or meeting.

When it comes to birthdays and Christmas or any time when someone gives you a gift or a surprise reward do you mind if it pushes your plans off course? Getting a surprise ticket to a live concert on the night when you had planned to sit and chill wine in one hand and a rom com, doesn't seem too bad when faced with the alternative of pushing buttons on a cd player. But if the car breaks down or a household item decides to blow up and needs repairing that same night we nearly all feel the pains of upset. So nice surprises are welcomed, but any unexpected events which cause us disappointment or a loss are the ones we deal with differently. And surprise events can actually add to life making it less predictable and more exciting. It is always worth viewing them from both angles although at the time it may not be that easy.

Some people deal with the unexpected well, coping in a crisis, having a bus timetable on hand when a car fails to start, or being able to look at the rainy weather as a challenge to the picnic day and eagerly rushing to set up a gazebo instead of sitting under the anticipated blue skies. They are not always organised but they do have a less rigid way of life which means “expect the eventuality which may throw your plans out the window and find an alternative without losing the original track”. You have to admire these sorts of people as most of their life is a wealth of “alternatives” and they do have a more relaxed attitude to life because of it, affecting other areas of their lives as well.

Others flap into an almighty overload and rant and rave and feel that the whole event is totally ruined and cannot possibly be overcome. They also very often try to find someone or something to blame rather than dealing with the change in circumstances. These people tend to have a low stress barrier and resort to panic rather than logic allowing the unexpected to be an issue and usually end up wasting time in dismay rather than putting an alternative plan into action.

Whether you were a girl guide or not and managed to carry on “being prepared” through life’s' ups and downs, by the time you get to a certain age your mind has well become accustomed to the idea that nothing is completely guaranteed, and that there will always be hurdles. How you deal with them is always the key point. The pros of being calm, taking the matter in hand and looking for the alternative is a good way of looking at any situation. Without taking the preparations of “just in case” too far, it is better to deal with your attitude when faced with an unexpected change. Sometimes a quiet count of one to ten can work wonders, or a deep breathing moment will calm you into a sense of logic rather than emotion and you can proceed to work through the panicking moment.

Is it life changing? Will it cause a global breakdown; will you or anyone else really suffer due to the unexpected? More often than not the answer is no, and for those events, there is always an alternative.

Less time spent in the disappointment mood, will bring quicker and more positive results and resolves.

So do you flap and find an unexpected surprise too much to cope with and find yourself in a heap without a hope of calmness? Or are you controlled, calm and collected in your thoughts with a carefree spirit?

How do you personally deal with the unexpected?

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