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Relationship with Food

Guiding ThoughtsPosted by Foley Western Sat, January 24, 2015 10:49:57

Free from all waste and poison, when no solid food has been taken for some time, one's body functions without obstruction and one feels a surge of vitality through out one's own system.

Stop to smell the roses, appreciate your surroundings, realise you live in a great place with interesting and eccentric people.

Appreciate your differences because we are all subtly different which is why we are so great (Humans).

Allow Religion to be guiding only, to give a focus to work towards for a better you, and to encourage love and peace to all peoples.

Now I will be turning my thoughts to writing a sequel to my last book in case it travels to Hollywood


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Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Foley Fri, April 17, 2015 13:18:51

Thank you Leo

Posted by leo Sat, January 24, 2015 19:47:59

How very true. If only everyone lived that way then world peace would exist.
Good luck with new book