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PersonalPosted by Foley Western Thu, December 28, 2017 03:33:57

Foley felt that she has never had anything easy in her medium life time

She usually works really had but feels that fate and life has not been kind to her

From a middle class family she was born with above average intelligence but was poor at exams, She never seemed to be able to do well in them and this frustrates her father for he knew she is bright but her problem was like the opposite of dyslexia but the result was the same anyway. She managed to only pass the languages as she was good in English and English Literature and let’s not forget Oral English the spoken word . Needless to say she failed her high school exams but for English and Fine Art. After this crushing blow of failing her high school exams she decided there is nothing for it but to work really hard even harder than she thought she did before she spent two years leaking her wounds and not sure what path to take and which way career wise life would take her after this she met someone who was a primary school teacher. He seemed quite happy in his job. Since Foley was at a loose end she asked him what it would take to become a teacher. He informed her there were still vacancies in his college if she was interested in being trained. But there was one problem it was an all-male college. Foley thought she had nothing to lose They could only refuse to let her in ,so with her heart in her mouth she went into the principal’s office to ask if she could be admitted They of course said no. As she turned to walk out of his office he called her back and asked if she could somehow enrol for the exams did she think she could pass without any tutorage as she would only be an external student come to sit the exams. Can you imagine young Foleys dilemma, someone whose problem was exam passing. But she was determined to turn her life around. She thanked the principal and asked if she can sometimes come to borrow notes from some of the students after classes, He said that was okay with him if the students don’t mind This made young Foleys heart sing she quickly talked with a few friendly looking of the students and asked for their notes in Education, Arithmetic History, English Language, Economics and finally Teaching Practise as she was told this was compulsory if she wanted to pass the teaching certificate Foley was thankful She went to the library and borrowed some text books, armed with the notes This carried on daily for the next six months till the exams when the results were out the principal said she put the college to shame as she had the best results in the college that year. Her stint in the Library led her to decide she might as well study Librarianship and become a librarian now she has the Teachers certificate as an entry qualification.

To cut the long story short at the exams she passed all the seven subjects she sat for she was told she put the Boy school to shame as she got the highest scores and had the best results in the college that year.

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